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I was mentioned!

07 Dec 2015 . category: Programming . Comments
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I was featured in the Official blog of the Loyola University Chicago Computer Science Department!


We participated in the Association for Computing Machinery’s Mid-Central Regional Programming Competition!

I wrote a peice on some of the beautiful photographs that came out of the competition - that you can see here

The competition was intense, we ended up having particular difficulty with a problem that we eventually discovered that our implementation of the solution was of O(nlog(n)) memory complexity, even though it was O(n) for time complexity. (Here’s a cheatsheet for Big-O Notation in case you’re unfamiliar).

After some review of how we were representing the data, we got out memory complexity down to O(n) although still running up against the execution time limit using C++11!! Virtualization was causing additional overhead, our programs had to run on the Kattis system.

After the competition, working with Professor Harrington, we found the problem needed to be solved using dynamic programming techniques.