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Rapid NanoFabrication of Large-Area Complex Metasurfaces

13 Jan 2016 . category: Science . Comments
#Harvard #Chemistry #School of Engineering and Applied Sciences #Whitesides Group #Presentation

While going through my things as I prepare to move into my new apartment later this week, I was excited to discover the DVD containing a video from when I gave a talk at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences!

You can read my full report here but if you want to get just the good stuff, here’s the abstract:

Optical metasurfaces enable the manipulation of light by engineering optical properties not found in nature. The development of these materials, however, has been slowed by the difficulty in fabricating small-featured complex patterns over large areas.

By combining Shadow Sphere Lithography with templated-directed self-assembly, we rapidly fabricate a wide variety of structures that are important for the development of metasurfaces, including patterns with non-trivial periodicity and/or aperiodic order (e.g. superlattices and quasicrystals).

Research Overview First Generation Procedure Published in ACS Nano