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United States Hispanic Leadership Institute

13 Feb 2016 . category: Tech . Comments
#Leadership #Programming #Web Development #System Administration #Network Administration #Internship #Career

United States Hispanic Leadership Institute I recently accepted a springtime internship with the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute.

Although my official title is Intern for the time being, based on the oral agreement and initial offer, the best way I could describe my duties and responsibilities would he as “Head Technologist.”

Over the coming months and potentially into summer I will be spearheading their operational modernization efforts and taking full responsibility for all technical challenges, equipment, office automation efforts, full stack Web Dev, SySAdmin, Media Content Updates, Software and Hardware modernization, and potentially at a future date, bring on new team members to assist in the implementation.

I’m currently planning to apply to conduct software systems research this summer with one of my professors and mentors, as well as positioning myself as software architect for my software engineering course of approximately 30 students whom (as of current plans) will work in small groups to build the infrastructure for a messaging application or framework.

Finally, I am applying to study Chinese, Core Liberal Arts, and Finance in Beijing this upcoming year to complete the prerequisites for an accelerated Masters in Finance.

I’ve got a challenging year ahead but I’m looking forward to it!